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Whether it's the small and sport IS or the Grand luxurious LS, Auto Pro strives to be your best choice for Lexus support in the care and repair of the best selling luxury vehicle from Japan. AutoPro understands your technologically advanced Lexus vehicle thoroughly. Our professionally trained and certified mechanics will get your Lexus back in peak performance on those few occasions it needs help.
To maintain reliability, your Lexus should have an oil change ever 6 months / 5,000 miles.

Bring your Lexus to AutoPro for Lexus' suggested minimum factory maintenance schedule:

15,000 / 45,000 / 75,000 Miles

Oil & Filter Change
Tire Rotation
Safety Inspection
Engine Air Filter
Cabin Air Filter
Check Brakes, Belts, and Hoses

105,000 Miles

All of the above +
Timing Belt Replacement

30,000 / 90,000 Miles

All of the 15 / 45 / 75,000 mile maintenance +
Brake Fluid Replacement
Engine Coolant Replacement / Flush
Fuel Filter
Transfer Case Fluid Change

60,000 Miles

All of the above +
Automatic Transmission Fluid and Filter Change
Differential Fluid Replacement
Valve Adjustment
Possible Timing Belt Replacement

Additional Maintenance Procedures

Drive Belt Replacement
Should be done every 45,000 Miles

Brake Pads & Rotors
Replace as necessary

Shock and Strut Replacement
As decided to be needed